AG Cupping Massager Device

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 AG Cupping Massager Device 

6 Levels Style
 Function : Scraping + Cupping Massage, 6 Levels of adjustable suction, Timing function, No heating.  No
one-key pressure relief function
The picture below show 6 level Style screen .
12 Levels Style
 Function : Scraping + Cupping Massage, 12 Levels of adjustable suction, One-key pressure relief, 45-50 ℃ constant temperature Infrared heating,Timing function.
The picture below show 12 level Style screen .

1.Multifunctional intelligent cupping instrument, negative pressure cupping, painless scraping, giving you a beauty-level relaxation effect.
2.Effectively warm the uterus, relax muscles, dispel cold, dehumidify, and detoxify, allowing you to have a healthy body.  
3.Scraping + cupping: 6/12 levels of adjustable suction, provide deep physiotherapy and acupoint massage for your body, effectively
4.The upgraded version of the magnetic head chassis, used with essential oils, has the effects of dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation and improving immunity.

5.The 3-speed timer function (10/15/20 minutes) meets the needs of different groups of people and avoids overuse due to careless time.

6.Small size, light weight, wireless use, easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy professional physiotherapy anytime, anywhere.

USB Charging , rechargeable

it is better use with essential oils
Unblock meridians, promote blood circulation and improve immunity.   you need prepare the essential oils yourself
Additional features for the 12 levels style:
1.Infrared heating physiotherapy: 10 minutes preheating, 45-50 ℃ hot compress, has the effect of warming the palace, warming the stomach, dispelling cold and removing dampness, so that you have a healthy body.

2.One-key pressure relief, painless canning, no pain during use, which makes cupping more comfortable.

About the method of scraping:

Please adjust the suction to 1st gear, be sure to match with essential oils, and the massager needs to move faster when scraping, otherwise it will suck in same place.

About the method of cupping:

Apply essential oils before cupping, adjust the suction to suitable for you,and stay on each part for no more than 10 minutes. you can turn off the suction by pressing the power-off button or the one-key pressure release button, take the can easily.


the marks left after scraping or cupping are normal and usually disappear in 5 to 7 days.


1. The first scraping treatment time should be appropriately shortened. The scraping time for weak people should be less than 20 minutes.

2. The best scraping time for each part is 3 to 5 minutes, and the time interval between scrapings or cupping on the same part is 5 to 7 days.

3. Drink a cup of hot (warm) boiled water after scraping to supplement the body fluid consumed by the body and promote metabolism. Do not touch cold water for 24 hours.

4. Take a bath 1 to 6 hours after scraping or cupping.

mild scraping marks, need wait 1hour.

moderate scraping marks, 3 hours.

severe scraping marks,more than 6 hours.

5. Those who are critically ill, pregnant, have skin diseases, or in full or hungry, are not allowed to do scraping and cupping.

Packing List:

1* Cupping Device

5* filter sponge

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual