Mini Ceramics Hair Straightener

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 Mini Ceramics Hair Straightener 


Various Shapes
Anti Scalding top
Constant Temperature
Wireless Design

30 seconds rapid heating

Let the styling not wait
The temperature rises quickly, the temperature is constant after reaching the temperature, the styling is faster, and the high temperature damage to the hair is reduced

The metal plate transfers heat well to the hair

Float left and right

Reduce hair pulling
Built-in high-elastic pressure silicone, which can intelligently adjust the closing force according to the hair volume to reduce friction and damage to the hair

Straight hair and curly hair are easier to use

Styling maintenance

Built-in temperature control system to neutralize hair and reduce split ends, leaving hair soft and shiny

Three temperature adjustable

Meet the needs of various hair types
160°C fine and soft hair
180℃ normal hair
200℃ Coarse and Hard Hair
Press and hold for 3 seconds to switch on
Short press to adjust the temperature

Wireless charging

International universal plug
The bottom charging port, hidden and beautiful
Using the international universal charging port, charging is more convenient

Waterborne Ceramic Coating

Double moisturizing hair
Release moisture molecules, repair damaged hair and restore healthy luster

Tame frizz

Improves gloss and suppleness with ease
Dry and frizzy
flowing hair

Improves gloss and suppleness with ease
Dry and frizzy
flowing hair

Small and exquisite, portable travel

Lightweight body, slim and easy to carry, wireless design, easy to pack, anytime, anywhere, just go

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