Anti-Aging Electric Eye Beauty Device

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Anti-Aging Electric Eye Beauty Device 

High-frequency sonic vibration, 140 vibrations per second, allowing the active ingredients to transfer quickly between cells, nourishing every cell in the eye area, leaving the skin around the eyes shiny.

Microseismic waves can accelerate the microcirculation of the skin and take away the accumulated toxins. Massage the eye area every day to speed up the production of collagen in the eyes and dilute the fine lines. After a few days of massage, relieve eye fatigue, promote the absorption of the essence, and the skin around the eyes is obviously firm.

Intermittent regular micro-vibration stimulate the subcutaneous tissue to the muscles, thereby diminishing wrinkles, repairing elastic fibers, reducing crow's feet, fine lines and so on.

Through the stimulation of micro current, the skin moisture content increases and is full of elasticity.

Stimulate the dermis layer of the eye, proliferate collagen. Through the cell massage, the skin care products quickly penetrate into the deep layer of the skin to achieve the effect of smoothing the eye lines, diminishing the dark circles and decomposing the pigment.

This instrument not only has the effect of eliminating eye bags, but also can introduce nutrient essence into the dermis layer, which is twice as much as ordinary ion introduction.

Improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles will relieve you of eye fatigue, making you feel fresh and rejuvenated!

Mini and ergonomic design, easy to carry in your bags and comfortable in your hands.

Skin Type:All skin types
Size Type:Full size
Battery:1*AA battery